The Seasons We are proud
to announce that
the Seasons fully
sold-out in May 2010
The Eight Seasons at Madison Park condominiums


The Seasons at Madison Park condominium project development was inspired by our team's vision to breathe new and modern life into a property in the historic district of Hyde Park Chicago, while preserving the beauty innate to it origin. Seasons hold special meaning to our team and this project. Buddha passed through the eight stages of transic insight, quickly reaching the highest point of each. He had reached perfection. In greek mythology a human being traverses through eight stages of life. Vivaldi's Four Seasons concerti is presented with Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla's Four Seasons (written 250 years later) in a beautiful compilation entitled 'Eight Seasons' by Gidon Kremer. We drew upon these formal insights, collaboratively working towards perfection and fully embracing a combination of the old and the new to create eight magnificent residences for all seasons and stages of life.

The Seasons at Madison Park