The Seasons We are proud
to announce that
the Seasons fully
sold-out in May 2010
The Eight Seasons at Madison Park condominiums


The Seasons at Madison Park condominiums, located in one of Chicago's forty Landmark Districts, have been designed to preserve the beauty, architectural richness and historic character of the neighborhood. Featuring a four-story walkup structure, with two separate entrances, one located on Madison Park and the other on Hyde Park Boulevard, the building has embraced the look and feel of typical architecture of the 1920's. With red brick and stone ornamentation, this building compiments the exquisite detail of the surrounding architectural gems throughout the neighborhood. There is one unit per floor in each entrance, with the two sides of the building being nearly independent of each other. On the first level, all residents will have convenient access to a bike room and storage area for their individual condominium unit.

The Seasons at Madison Park